New Visitors Centre at Avignonesi

DSC00779.JPG In early April we inaugurated our new Visitors Centre at Le Capezzine. The elegantly designed area includes a roomy shop, a bar for tastings and aperitifs, a long table for larger group tastings and two small seating alcoves. Outside, on the... Read more

Grifi: The Return of a Legendary Wine

frontal_Grifi_2010.jpg Between 1983-1996, Avignonesi produced Grifi, a blend of Sangiovese (60%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), and a wine that would become a classic in the category eventually known as “Supertuscans”. The original raison d’etre behind the wine was to... Read more

Rebranding Avignonesi: From the blog to the bottle

collage2_640x298.jpg Since the day she acquired Avignonesi in 2009, Virginie Saverys has made it her goal to produce wines that communicate the complexity and beauty of the Montepulciano terroir in every glass. But she has also implemented significant structural... Read more

Biodynamics: Unearthing the 500P

DSC_0179_640x298.jpg Biodynamic farming, the technique of acknowledging the life force of the earth by restoring vegetal and animal products to it, a philosophy developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, is a delicate subject. Some people are gung-ho about it; others are... Read more

Understanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil

SDC13372_225x218.jpg In a continuous effort to improve the quality of our extra virgin olive oil, Virginie Saverys invited a tasting panel leader from the Consorzio del Chianti to give our entire team a course on olive oil. Divided into three parts, the course... Read more

The Winter Vineyard

421586_10150760105879988_541049987_12488245_595662918_n_640x298.jpg Snow and vineyards. Stark and simple. Craftily crafting future fruits. At the end of January, a thick blanket of snow fell on all our vineyards, from Le Capezzine to Cortona, as the photos here reveal. And while the snow may have complicated the... Read more