Millésime Bio 2018 - Avignonesi goes to Montpellier


Millésime Bio is an organic wine fair created in 1993 by a group of winegrowers from Languedoc-Roussillon, members of the Sudvinbio association. Even though the event has grown, counting almost 1,000 producers this year, the spirit remains identical: friendly and democratic. Each exhibitor is equipped with the same furniture – a simple table, a name board, two chairs, tasting glasses and a spittoon - no super fancy installations, the wines must speak for themselves and be the stars of this show.
Only 85 Italian wineries attended, and Avignonesi was one of them. We sent our production dream team, Virginie, Alessio and Matteo, together with the rambunctious Basque Max, to pour our organic certified wines, together with a sneaky preview of Ventisei, the new line by Eline, Virginie’s daughter.
During these incredible three days, we had the great chance to come across any sort of wine people: distributors, importers, wine lovers and, of course, cavistes. The caviste is the French word for «wine merchant», who have the challenging task of creating the most representative panel of the best organic wineries in the world. We met Christophe Schoenberger , caviste for Epicurieu Box. He stopped by for a tasting, looking for some real “crush” on new and interesting wines. Here is what the blogger Jean Michel wrote about this lucky encounter: «Virginie Saverys surrounded herself with a team of expert winemakers very quickly, and she introduced biodynamic practices in order to produce, she claims, “authentic wines with a strong identity. Extremely interesting to follow up! »

It was great to meet you too Christophe, à la prochaine!