Vah Joo, Tap into Tuscany!




Thank you for scanning our quick response code. I will attempt to gratify your curiosity.

Vagiù (pronounced vɑdʒu, or in this case, Vah Joo) means "it descends" in Italian. In the collective subconscious of the locals, the exclamation va giù! is associated with the saying Più lo mandigiù, più ti tira su. Loosely translated, "The more of it goes down, the better it picks you up."

Let me not wear you out with tedious technicalities. They are not really what counts. What is important is your enjoyment of this wine and your desire to share it. Another significant thing is that you have made an effort to know more, to find out about the background of Vah Joo and better understand why it seduced you.

Vah Joo was born without pretension, unfussy. It is the result of assiduous labor in the vineyard and a firm stance for vinification directed at freshness, fruitiness and simplicity. In a word, Vah Joo is a down-to-earth expression of the rich Tuscan terroir.

No pesticides, no herbicides, no additives or chemical enhancers, no artificial yeasts – just a minimum of sulfites to guarantee stability.

This wine stands in direct contact with nature, in direct contact with the plants, soil and climate that command the women and men whose work is placed at your service.

Allow me to take advantage of the occasion to ask for your opinion. Do not hesitate to share your impressions and experience of Vah Joo with me. I am just as curious as you are to know who you are, where you're from, and what you like about my wine, about our wine.

Max de Zarobe


P.S. Did you notice the pictogram of the bull on the label?
It means Vah Joo: no bullshit.