This caramel colored Vin Santo is characterized by intense aromas of caramel and dark chocolate, softened by notes of acacia honey, thyme and nutmeg, leading the way for inviting scents of candied orange peel and butter cookies. On the palate, this sweet wine reveals new and surprising flavours with every sip, including notes of figs, almonds, orange marmellade and roasted coffee beans. A perfect balance between acidity and sweetness compliments a sensual finish.

Technical sheet

Grapes Malvasia and Trebbiano toscano.
Ageing 10 years in caratelli (50-litre oak casks) in contact with the madre (century-old indigenous yeast).
Refinement in the bottle Minimum 6 months.
Alcohol 12.5%
Serving temperature 12°C / 60°F.
Tech sheets

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Le Capezzine:  Malvasia, Trebbiano toscano

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Crafted from only the best Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes from our vineyards and dried for several months on reed mats in the appassitoio (drying room), the Vin Santo is aged for a decade in caratelli, small 50 litre oak barrels, and owes much of its special character to the madre, a century-old yeast, which is owned and carefully protected by Avignonesi.

For those who take the time to appreciate this dark, secretive sweet wine, infinite sensory experiences abound.

Thanks to the ten-year ageing period, during which the Vin Santo goes through a natural oxidization process, this wine’s qualities remain intact for a very long time after the bottle has been opened, if tightly corked and stored in the refrigerator.

Serve at 16°C / 60°F in wide cognac crystal glasses. Slowly tip the wine up the sides of the glass to appreciate its full aromatic expression and dense texture.


2002 - 97/100 (WA) | 2002 - 4 Stars (Vini Buoni d’Italia)
2001 - 95/100 (WS) | 2001 - 98/100 (WA) | 2001 - 92/100 (Vinous)
2001 - 96/100 3 Stars (Veronelli)
2000 - 94/100 (WS) | 2000 - 97/100 (WA) | 2000 - 3 Stars (Veronelli)
1999 - 97/100 (WS) | 1999 - 94/100 (WA) | 1999 - 96/100 (Vinous)
1998 - 95/100 (WS) | 1998 - 94/100 (WA) | 1998 - 94/100 (Vinous)
1998 - Tre bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)



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